• square shaped eco palm leaf plate
    Stylish dinnerware from eco-friendly palm leaf
  • square shaped eco palm leaf bowl
    Dinnerware from Fallen Leaves
  • Hexagon shaped eco palm leaf plate
    Areca leaves are 100% Biodegradable and eco friendly to use

Areca leaf plate manufacturers and Exporters

Eco palm leaf is one of the leading Areca leaf plate manufacturers and Exporters in India. We supply various type of Areca leaf plates like square shaped areca leaf plates, round shaped areca leaf plates, rectangular shaped areca leaf plates and so on. We create best quality eco palm plates through our unique product life cycle.

Areca leaf plates

Select best quality fallen leaves

We choose best quality fallen leaves of areca palm tree, which is picked from the ground. The areca palm tree leaves are fresh in nature, thick, which is non-toxic, free from any chemicals and pest. The leaves are Eco-friendly in nature, lightweight, disposable and durable in nature.

Eco plates

Produce high quality eco plates using advance technology and machineries

After selecting the best quality leaves we are using these, leaves for our production of areca plates. Our machine is manufactured with fine grade raw materials to ensure smooth functioning of the machine for longer durations. This process is natural and environmental friendly from beginning till the end.

Areca nut plates

High quality plates are handled by clean and care hands

Using selection, production and best- high quality eco plates with our advanced technologies and machineries, we ensure in supplying our areca plates with clean and smooth finishing. We maintain clean and hygienic packing. And ensure client satisfaction.

Areca Plates

In your hands to be used as dinnerware

On the basis of selection and production of high quality eco plates are well structure prepared using our Hi-tech technology and used as dinnerware and exported to various countries like Restaurants, Functions, wedding, naming ceremonies etc to satisfy clients needs.